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Threading through Time
See how textile is intricately woven into the lives of Northern Thais through Tai Lue, jok Mueang Long, and Mo Hom fabrics.

Arrive in Nan in the morning and depart for Pua district. Stop by for coffee at Thai Lue village and enjoy the scenic views, especially the long wooden bridge. You will see colourful Thai fabrics amongst rice fields along the way. While you are in Pua, visit Lamduan shop to buy traditional textiles made by the locals. If you’re a mushroom lover, drop by the mushroom farm at Ban Hua Nam for lunch.


In the morning, go to Phumin Temple, renowned for its mural paintings from over a century ago. Visit The Noble House of Nan or Hong Chao Fong Kham to see the weaving process of Lanna textile. It is an ancient wooden house with weaving demonstration for visitors to see. Next, head to Thung Hong district in Phrae to learn more about mo hom textile, which can be found throughout the district. There’s even a road nicknamed Mo Hom Road where you can shop for great mo hom products.


Visit Phra That Chor Hae, a highly revered Royal temple enshrining relics of the Buddha. If you have time, visit Ban Wongburi Museum, a residence of an heir of a former ruler of Phrae, built in 1897. There are ancient garments and household products on display. Another museum worth visiting is Komol Ancient Textile Museum. For more hands-on experience, visit Pha Jok Mueang Long Learning Center to learn about weaving culture. Every step of the process i s demonstrated, reflecting the local wisdom of the Northern people. For souvenirs, visit the shops on Samun Thewarat Road.