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Taste of Local Life
Ban Nong Khao, Kanchanaburi
Ban Nong Khao village presents the charm of rural Thai lifestyle in a nostalgic way through its community travel offerings.

Get around for an overall sightseeing of the village the traditional way. Not only is it a once-in-a-lifetime kind of opportunity for the ride, but also a great way of learning the culture. Along the way, you’ll spot people in their daily routines including dyeing their famous fabrics, called the hundred-colored loin cloth. Don’t forget to take this chance to stay in a homestay as well.


Visit Laylai temple and pay a homage to the respected and famous enshrined Luang Por Toh. Explore some of the believes as all the people here have a small earthen pot called Mor Yai, hanging on the wall in their bedroom. It’s believed that “yai” is the spirit that protects everyone in the house from any harms. When someone gets married and has to move out, there’ll be a ceremony to get the mor yai going with them.


Fill yourself up with food related activities. Visit the Dong Tarn rice crop and watch cooking demonstrations. As toddy palm grows a lot in the area, people in Nong Khao are specialised at desserts and drinks that have toddy palm as a main ingredients. Learn how to make kanom tarn (toddy palm cakes) and khao greab wao (giant rice crackers) and get your hands on to successfully finish this community-based trip.