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Roots of Refined Textile
Delicate glory of textile in teen jok Mae Chaem and yok dok Lamphun fabrics, locally made and globally loved.

Fly to Chiang Mai then go to Mae Chaem
district, which is a good place to start your
textile exploration.Here,you can enjoy the simple,
traditional lifestyle, and learn more about teen
jok weaving technique, which is a unique art of
the Mae Chaem people. Mae Cham has already
acquired GI (geographical indication) status for
its teen jok fabric.

If you have time, pay a visit to Mae Chaem
Folk Textile Museum, which is open daily.
Admission is free.


Drive to San Kampaeng to enjoy Lanna arts
and crafts. The journey could take a few hours,
but the scenery along the way is pleasant.

There are a few stops to make once you are
in San Kampaeng, such as Chalermraj Cultural
Centre’s silk museum, where you can learn
about the local lifestyle and San Kampaeng
ancient textiles. Nearby is Chiang Mai OTOP
Market where you can buy domestic products.


Head to Lamphun in the morning. Once
you’ve arrived, visit Wat Phra That Haripunjaya,
one of the most venerated temples in Thailand.
Thai fabrics are available in the market near
the temple.

Visit Don Luang Weaving Village (Don
Luang Village, Mae Raeng Subdistrict, Pa Sang
District) to see its famed fabric.

Shop for Thai textiles at Haripunjaya
Hand-weaving Institute or Pensiri Thai Silk,
where local hand-woven products can be