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Gastronomic Heaven
Experience the wonder of authentic Thai cuisine in Bangkok, a food lover’s paradise.
Yaowarat Street

Yaowarat, Bangkok’s Chinatown, is one of the world’s most renowned street food destinations, and definitely the local favorite dining district. Don’t let the term Chinatown fool you – the food on offer ranges from Thai to Chinese, and over the years, in addition to its famed street food stalls, hip hangout spots, cafes, and bars have emerged, making this district a vibrant heaven for foodies. If you’re new to the area and don’t know where to start, just follow the crowd the best ones are usually packed full from late afternoon into the wee hours of the night. Supporting local communities has never tasted so good.

Historic Bangrak and Culture

One o f the e a r l i e s t establishments in Bangkok, Bangrak has continued to thrive in many ways, including its food scene. Here, you can experience mom & pop food culture that true Bangkokians love and swear by. The area is a real melting pot, with offerings ranging from street-side stalls to five-star restaurants with a sweeping view of the city. Some of the restaurants have been around for generations. Don’t worry if you don’t speak Thai – the friendly street food vendors in the area are so accustomed to travellers that they will find a way to communicate with you. The people’s friendliness is one of the charms of this old school area.

Midnight Food by Tuk Tuk

Real Bangkokians eat around the clock, which is why you can always find tasty treats any minute of the day. Whether you’re looking for extra-early breakfast or a night cap, Bangkok has it all covered. So, hop on a tuk tuk and begin your food adventure by visiting the best local eateries after the sun sets and the traffic has subsided. Tuk tuk drivers know where the best dishes are, and the fastest way to get there. You can also be whimsical and let the drivers surprise you. Plus, you get to enjoy a cool breeze while riding on this open-air vehicle.