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Edible Expedition
Visit the city of fruits and fresh seafood that you can enjoy to your heart’s content.

Head for Chanthaburi early in the morning,
so you’re there just in time to have lunch at
Khrua Lung Choei, the famous restaurant of
the province, well-known for dishes seasoned
with local spices. After lunch, go pay homage
to City Pillar Shrine and King Taksin Shrine for
good fortune as well as to commemorate King
Taksin’s divine grace.

Then, learn how to weave Chanthabun mat
at Reed Mat Weaving Center of Ban Samet
Ngam at Nong Bua District, where you can also
shop for local products.

Don’t miss dinner at Chanthorn Restaurant,
famous for its fruit-based recipes like mangosteen
spicy salad and many more.


Get up early for fresh air and go to Chanthaburi
Fresh Market to buy some dried and fresh
ingredients such as shrimp paste, black pepper,
and white pepper.

Grab lunch at Moo Liang Noodle Phraya
Trang, famous for its smooth sen chan noodles
and unique soup seasoned with spices and

Next, cross to Khlung District and taste the
signature dish at Nai Lek Fried Mussels.

Take a long-tail boat and cruise along the
river to Ban Thasorn where you can watch
brahminy kites fly across the sky and elegantly
hover down to take their food. Then, have
dinner at Soft-shell Crab Farm, where you can
sample its deep fried soft-shell crabs.


Visit The Cathedral of the Immaculate
Conception, a gothic style cathedral with stunning
stained glasses telling story of catholic saints.

In the afternoon visit fruit orchards of Chan
City at KP Garden where a variety of seasonal
fruits are waiting to be tasted such as durian,
mangosteen, longan, sala and santol. The best
season to visit is during May-July where most
fruits are at their best. Durian is at its most
fruitful in May. July is great for longan lovers.