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Off the Beaten Track
Go on a rafting adventure to experience natural wonders of Satun where you can see breathtaking stalactites and stalagmites.

To go to Satun, fly to Trang and grab local treats like dim sum and grilled pork for breakfast. After you’ve fueled up, it’s time to continue to Satun.

Visit Phu Pha Phet cave, the largest cave in Thailand, the third largest in the world.

The name in Thai can be translated as the Diamond Mountain Caves, as the rocks inside sparkle like diamonds.

If nature is your game, you can probably spend hours in this cave.


Make a stop at Wang Sai Thong Waterfall, where you can see the clear streams passing through the golden limestone, shining against the sun. There are many activities to try here such as rock climbing and kayaking. The lush greenery makes it an ideal eco-tourism spot, and you can enjoy beautiful scenery while kayaking. If you want something more thrilling, some areas of the water can be rapids, adding challenges and excitement to your liking.


Go to Jed Kod Cave, a magnificent cave naturally curved through a mountain. The name Jed Kod is derived from its features of seven winding curves. Some parts of the cave are as high as 200 metres. The cave can be accessed by canoes, kayaks and inflatable boats through various access ways. Inside, you can explore beautiful hanging rocks hidden in the dark. The best time to visit Jed Kod Cave is during 11AMnoon. In the rainy season, the deep water makes the cave harder to access, so the best time of the year to visit is during drier months such as in summer.