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Girls' Day Out
Cruise along the canal, explore fruit orchards, indulge in chicken coop spa and enjoy nature.

Go to Ban Nam Cheaw to learn about a unique community where two religions (Muslim and Buddhism) and three cultures (Buddhist Thai, Muslim Thai, and Chinese Thai) coexist harmoniously. Ban Nam Cheaw is known for its woven hat (ngob), which has a unique style. Other famous local products that make great souvenirs include kapi (shrimp paste), fish sauce, dried shrimps, dried squids, and tang mae.


Learn local culture, history, and way of life of Chong people at Chong Chang Tune Live Eco-museum. It’s an outdoor interactive museum where the locals tell visitors about the community, and visitors are invited to experience local lifestyle and authentic Chong culture. Chong was a small people group in Cambodia who now also live across the border in Trat and Chanthaburi. In the afternoon, treat yourself to a chicken coop spa treatment which nourishes the skin with 32 types of herbs.


Learn basketry art using khlum bark at Ban Chang Thun. The bark of khlum tree is made into household products such as baskets, lamps, mats, and jellyfish-shaped fruit basket. Before returning home, do not forget to buy gems and jewels. Trat is a very important ruby-mining province. Red ruby, which was once abundant in Trat province, is one of the best in the world, nicknamed Siamese Ruby. The best area to shop for gemstones is Bo Rai, which has the most famous gem markets in the province.