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Bewitched by Northern Charms
Drown in the sea mist at Yun Lai viewpoint and sip warm tea in the town of three mists, Pai, Mae Hong Son

No matter if it’s rainy season or winter, Mae
Hong Son’s Amphoe Pai always welcomes
you with its unique romantic charm. Let the
mountain range hug you tight while you’re
enjoying bamboo rafting with the natural and
local scenes alongside Pai river. Feel the love of
the mother nature in the refreshing surrounding
that makes you fun and have a good time as
a couple.


Spend your early morning observing the
sun rising up from the mist and cling around
watching panoramic view of the stunning dusk
on Yun Lai Viewpoint in Shandicun (Yunnan
Chinese Village), located 4.5 km from Pai.
Stop by the village to learn some of the Yunnan
culture through clay houses and local food.
Have some not-to-be-missed mantou as
breakfast with famous tea from the region.


Live a slower-pace life and see the
charming way of life of people in downtown
Mae Hong Son. Early in the morning, wander
around Saiyud fresh market to see what they
have to offer in the area. Visit Jong Kam and
Jong Klang temples as well as Buddha’s bones
at Doi Gong Moo. Explore the rest of the town
by sightseeing and finish the day at the vibrant
walking street where a night market awaits.
Highlight is the hand-weaving fabric, made by
hill tribal folks.