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Holistic Hideaways
To visit natural hot springs, a relaxing effect on your health. Sleep over in a farm stay and a must visit to pristine water and tranquaility of Ko Phayam.

Make a journey to Ranong province, stop by at Tablee village for local foods and its famous buns “Salapao Tublee” easily can be found throughout the village.

Proceed to Ruksavarin Hot Spring that provides separated hot baths. Visitors can enjoy fun filled with health benefits. And yet foot spa is a plus at Porn Rung Hot Spring in Ngao Waterfall National Park where cosy heated spring water.

Highly recommended to stay in a farm at Baan Rai Arun, Amphoe Kapoe. Accommodations are constructed in DIY designs and surrounded by canal, gardens, organic fruit and vegetable orchards which foods here can be harvested and prepared like the locals. Nature at it owns best.

DAY 2-3

Let loose in stunning scenery and beyond of Ko Phayam, a tiny island in the middle of the ocean. Get close to a world-class beach with beautiful white sand around the island. Not to be missed famous mangrove forest that so full on with wildlife animals. Particularly, Ao Koa Kwai or Buffalo Bay.

Along the spectacular beach contrasts with beautifully reserved wild plants and flowers, its commonly famous for swimming, diving, hiking, trekking and relaxing among any others.

Before head back, make your way to Phu Khao Ya or commonly known as Khao Hua Loan or Khao Pee, about 13kms from center of Ranong and can be clearly viewed f rom the highway of Ranong to Phang Nga. A bald headed shape alike that makes it special, in rainy season is full of greenery but turns brown and dry in summertime.